If you haven’t been to Sgt. Splatter’s, then you really haven’t experienced excitement! This is one of those places people of all ages can go to have a blast!

M. Hollinger

“I brought my son and a friend there on Sunday May 25th for an afternoon of paint ball. It’s his second trip (he had his 11th B day party there in March). Once again, your staff was awesome. Courteous, friendly, funny and definitely customer focused. I dropped JR and his friend off at around 1 pm and then returned at 5ish to pick them up. At that time, your staff dealt with quite a few safety infractions-they were quick, professional, fair and very firm. Don’t know where you found them, but they’re worth gold.”


“As the mother of an eleven year old boy celebrating his birthday at Sgt. Splatters, I was quite nervous about safety: until we were put into Junior’s care there. I am very impressed by the rules of engagement and how they are enforced. My son and his guests had a great time at the party, and our ability to put the kids in jump suits, the great safety briefing, and the wonderful referees made for a successful venture.”


“if you are looking for a good time with some friends, family, or all by yourself, this is the place to go.”


“The company that I am employed by has been doing this kind of outing for 6 years now and by talking to some of my co workers this has been the best run and cleanest places that they have played paintball at.”


Pro Shop Blog

New Empire Mini GS

Check out the New Mini from Empire ! Video by pbnation.

Empire Vanquish at Sgt Splatters

We still have a couple of these left, and have lowered the prices! So be sure to come by and check out one of the higher end markers out there!

Empire Vanquish

Empire Vanquish at Sgt Splatters


Resurrection Autocockers in Stock at Splatters

We got them back in stock ! Come and get yours before they sell out!

Empire Resurrection Autococker

Empire Resurrection Autococker

Lower Prices at Sgt Splatters Proshop Toronto

As spring approaches, we’re slashing prices down on just about everything! So whether you already have a full gear-bag or if your looking to purchase your first paintball marker, Sgt Splatters is just the place for you! We will match any local advertised price! Come by and check us out!

2014 VIP Membership Sgt Splatters Toronto

Plan on visiting Toronto’s Premier paintball facility at least once a month this year? Already have all your own paintball equipment?  If so, then you might want to look at getting our 2014 VIP Membership for Sgt Splatters Toronto. For only $200, you get free entrance anytime any day. You also get to purchase paintballs at the low price of $5 per hundred. Great savings for anyone! Ask in the proshop for more details.

New Store Product at Sgt Splatters Toronto

So we’ve been loading up on all the latest and greatest products, at rock bottom pricing. Come by and check us out, or give us a call at 416-781-0991 for more details.

Blowout On 2008 Ventz Avatars!

Only a year ago these masks went for around 100$.  Now we’re selling them for only $49.99!  Don’t miss out, when they’re gone, they’re gone!

Deadlywind Finally Here!!!

We’ve been hearing it for quite some time now from our customers… And finally we have deadlywinds in stock!  Available in store, and Online now, one of the best barrels around!  We’re also selling freak inserts individually! Come by and check it out!

Sly Product now at Sgt Splatter’s!

Sgt Splatter’s is proud to announce that we will be carrying a full line-up of sly equipment now on location!  Come and check out some of the coolest stuff in paintball.

New X7 Phenoms Back in Stock

If you haven’t checked them out already, swing by and take a look.  One of the cooler guns to come out this year!

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