If you haven’t been to Sgt. Splatter’s, then you really haven’t experienced excitement! This is one of those places people of all ages can go to have a blast!

M. Hollinger

“I brought my son and a friend there on Sunday May 25th for an afternoon of paint ball. It’s his second trip (he had his 11th B day party there in March). Once again, your staff was awesome. Courteous, friendly, funny and definitely customer focused. I dropped JR and his friend off at around 1 pm and then returned at 5ish to pick them up. At that time, your staff dealt with quite a few safety infractions-they were quick, professional, fair and very firm. Don’t know where you found them, but they’re worth gold.”


“As the mother of an eleven year old boy celebrating his birthday at Sgt. Splatters, I was quite nervous about safety: until we were put into Junior’s care there. I am very impressed by the rules of engagement and how they are enforced. My son and his guests had a great time at the party, and our ability to put the kids in jump suits, the great safety briefing, and the wonderful referees made for a successful venture.”


“if you are looking for a good time with some friends, family, or all by yourself, this is the place to go.”


“The company that I am employed by has been doing this kind of outing for 6 years now and by talking to some of my co workers this has been the best run and cleanest places that they have played paintball at.”


Events Blog

March Break Specials at Sgt Splatters

March break is almost upon us! Starting March 16th we will be running our Half Price Madness Special all week long! We will also be running our weekly Deep Discount special on Wednesday March 18th as well! Be sure to come down and take advantage of the savings all week long!

Family Day Specials!

Its family day coming up! Its also Monday, which means its Half Price Madness here at Sgt Splatters Paintball Toronto!

For only $15, you can get set up with all the rental equipment you need to play, along with 100 paintballs and up to 4 hours of playing time! Additional paintballs are only $7.50 per hundred!

Be sure to come down and take advantage of the savings!

Grand Re-Opening at Sgt Splatter’s

After months of renovations and changes here at Sgt Splatter’s Paintball, we have decided to host a grand opening event on the weekend of Dec6th and Dec7th. Several paintball companies will also be in attendance, selling and promoting they’re products, as well as letting customers try out some of the paintball guns. We will be running our “Deep Discount” all weekend. That means its only $20 for 500 paintballs or $50 for 2000 paintballs when you pay for entrance. Saturday night we will be further discounting our cases of paint to $40 per case! On top of that food, and tons of prizes will be given out! Be sure not to miss out on this event which proves to be huge!


Open this Holiday Monday!

Yes that’s right! We’re open this holiday Monday! On top of that, it’s Half Price Madness all day all night! That means only $15 for a full rental setup including 100 rounds of paintballs! Additional rounds are only $7.50 per hundred.

Deep Discount Special

Sgt. Splatter’s now has Special Pricing Sunday afternoon and Wednesdays nights!


  • Gun Owner Admission $24.99 per person
  • Rental Package $29.99 per person (paint not included)
  • Paintball Prices are $19.99/500, $49.99/2000
  • Includes Entrance and unlimited play
  • Includes unlimited Air or Co2 fills
  • Any paint that is not used, can be brought back and used again only during our Wednesday Night Special.
  • Wednesdays from 6pm till Close
  • Sundays from 3pm till Close


Splatmaster Night April 29th!

That’s right, we’re doing it again ! Tuesday April 29th!

Prices will be :
$60.00 for the z300
$50.00 for the z200
$40.00 for the z100

All of these prices include unlimited paint for the night! If you already have a splatmaster, the price will be $25.00, which gets you in and unlimited paint!

Don’t miss this event, tell your friends and family! One of the best nights you’ll have playing paintball!

Airsoft Special this Sunday!

As an apology to our Airsoft Crowd for shutting early this past week. First 10 Airsoft players this coming Sunday March 30th, will get in free! We also will be getting pizza in for everyone playing Airsoft this night!

Gun Owner Special Tonight!

Its our Wednesday Night Gun Owner Special tonight!  Starting at 6pm tonight, for only $59.99, you get entrance, unlimited air, a case of 2000 paintballs and can play until Midnight! The Price is even better for Sgt Splatters VIP Members, at $44.99 for the same deal!  If you don’t already have a VIP membership, its time to pick one up asap, as they savings will add up!

Friday Specials at Sgt Splatters

Its the last day of the March Break for a lot of you, and we are running our Half Price Madness Special until 6pm today! That means its only $15 for a full rental setup, and 100 rounds of paintballs. Additional paintballs are only $7.50 for an extra 100! Be sure to come down and take advantage of the last Half Priced day of the break!

Thursday Specials at Sgt Splatters

Its almost the end of the week, but its not even close to the end of the march break specials here at Sgt Splatters Paintball Toronto.  Before 6pm today or Half Price Madness deal will be going on. Super savings for everyone! Only $15 will get you a full rental setup, which includes the paintball marker, goggles and facemask, unlimited Co2, insurance, 100 paintballs and up to 4 hours of playing time! Additional paintballs only $7.50 for 100! Be sure to come and take advantage of these savings!

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